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November 20th 2013

At the heart of What is the Stars? A Development Plan for Dublin City Public Libraries 2012-2016 is the vision for the Dublin city library to be an icon of literature and learning.

“The library will be a window on the world of knowledge and culture, a centre of learning and literature, a commune of research and reading and a hub of ideas and creativity.”

The StoryHouse at the City Library will celebrate and support learning and literature, with a particular emphasis on contemporary Irish and international literature. Dublin is one of the UNESCO Cities of Literature and the library plays a key role in managing the programmes related to this. The StoryHouse will provide a visible identity for the Cities of Literature programme and will be a beacon for everyone interested in the written or spoken word.

The StoryHouse will house Dublin City Public Libraries’ literature collection which includes specialised collections in areas such as

  • Irish children’s literature,
  • contemporary world fiction (International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award Collection),
  • Rosetta Collection (works in translation) and
  • rare editions and historical documents relating to Irish literature and theatre.

We have had conversations with readers, writers, teachers and publishers, among others, about literature in Dublin city with the aim of informing the development of the new City Library brief. We noted people’s aspirations for the future, identified deficits in provision and discussed areas for cooperation, collaboration and innovation in the area of literature. Visions for Parnell Square Cultural Quarter were for a ‘go to’ destination with a distinct ethos, a strong identity reflecting the cultural diversity of the area, fostering memories of Parnell Square with links to community and heritage of the area.

The new City Library should build on what makes the current Central Library a success as a broad community resource, with high quality programming and services especially in language and literature. There was a desire for open, accessible, contemporary spaces for learning and leisure, for all ages, with particular emphasis on the public accessibility of the outside approach to the buildings.

Our vision is for a City Library which will inspire and excite, welcome and include with collections, connections, places services and programmes for learners, readers, researchers, for children and families, for all citizens.


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