Draft Sketch Design, Parnell Square North. Image © Dublin City Council.

Draft Sketch Design, Parnell Square North. Image © Dublin City Council.

Parnell Square Cultural Quarter will inspire and excite, welcome and include, with a new City library as the hub and anchor building. To make this work requires structures that encourage and mandate unity. This process of building relationships and collaborative models of service will challenge all parties to engage, united by a sense of common purpose to make life better in Dublin. Public service and public spaces will be key drivers of all developments. A dynamic tableau of changing creative presences and experiences will animate the spaces which will be supported by agencies, associations or other service providers either on site or remotely.


Policy documents

Policy documents provide the framework for a new cultural quarter at Parnell Square, outlining visions for the city, to be achieved through focused strategies and objectives:



It is an objective of Dublin City Council:


“To support the cultural development of those cultural quarters as set out in Figure 13, including the North Georgian City and O’Connell Street Quarter and the Heuston/Royal Hospital Quarter and promote linkage to the historic village area of Kilmainham/Inchicore, focusing on underutilised amenity resources, increased permeability, and encouraging a vibrant area in which to work and live while having regard to the grain and historic character of these areas. ” (FCO15)

From Dublin City Development Plan 2011 – 2017, Chapter 7: Fostering Dublin’s Character and Culture:


The Parnell Square Cultural Group was established with the purpose:


‘To create a dynamically managed developmental space for diverse audiences that, through programming, participation, exhibitions and performances showcases the vibrant cultural life of Dublin to a local, national and international audience.’


The Group has explored:

  • the totality of creative possibilities of the Quarter,
  • the ability of the quarter to transform and regenerate this area in the interests of the people of Dublin,
    its capacity to deliver on local, civic, national and international agendas.


The vision for Parnell Square Cultural Quarter is for transformation of the physical fabric of the Square, and for transformation for the people of Dublin through access to ideas, information, and imagination. The objective is to achieve a quality cultural offer coupled with an equality of access and provision that reflects the locality and the city. Opportunities to learn, create and participate will be the overarching themes which will unite the Quarter.
Read our Vision document Parnell Square Cultural Quarter. A Catalyst for Renewal and Growth Along the Civic Spine.